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This is my art blog, dedicated entirely for my art only. My main blog Teshika filled up with random junk, so for those only interested in my art here is the place to be! wooo
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I wanted to redraw Artemis (with facial hair) and so i did…..laughs nervously
more doodles from the animation lab
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Just something I doodled during one of my animation classes. Sorry for the lack of art, but class is actually one of the few times I have time to draw and finish my own art.
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Twisted Guardian 

One of my newest OCs. I still haven’t given her a name yet, but I kind of have her story down. She is a woodland spirit that guards a very old forest , but then pollution and decay cave over her domain. As the forest became dark and gnarled so did she. Now she feasts on the flesh of the animals that reside in her woods, and any unlucky traveler that loses their way among the trees.
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Sims Boy

So, like nearly all of winter break I have been obsessively playing Sims 3, since I finally figured out how to get mods. * v * But I was beating myself for barely drawing anything, because of it. When I finally told myself no more it only seemed appropriate to draw one of my sim boys, Hans (because I am lazy when naming sims and just name after my OCs). Although, in all honestly this looks nothing like him currently, since I made a bit of changes to him, but oh well I still like it. Not to mention I think he turned out pretty well considering that I drew him up in FireAlpaca. xD
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I bestow upon you this poop art for Christmas.  My mom needed something for our family Christmas party thing, and wanted some art so I drew this up hella fast. I’ll probably finish it later so the Christmas art I drew this year doesn’t look like poop. 
Merry Christmas! :D
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I honestly have been strongly considering it, although I haven’t really written a fanfic before (not sure how strong my fanfic skills are since all I do it draw instead of writing it). But there is a first time for everything. So, I may get around to writing some of the story over winter break. :)

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neenuhbee asked : you are an amazingly talented and beautiful person. just wanted to let you know :)

Omg, Thank you so much!!

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So, last night Akihito and Mirai (Mirakkey? What the hell is their ship name??) won, so I drew a scene from this one story I’ve had going in my mind for a while.
It takes place a few years after Akihito and Mirai were reunited during their high school years. They began dating after that, and two years after Mirai graduated from high school Akihito asked her to marry him. Neither of them had the the interest or money for college, and since the only future they wanted was one together they decided to go through with having an early marriage. They lived a simple life in a small apartment, earning their livings off of Mirai doing her Spirit World Warrior duties and working for Ayaka. While Akihito got a job at a bookstore (or something along those lines). After two years of marriage the Mirai discovered she was pregnant, and the two were surprised but happy that their family was growing.
However, when the Spirit World Warrior Society discovered Mirai’s pregnancy they decided to take action. They deemed the child of the cursed blood controlling clan and the half-youmu that hosts the Kyoukai no Kanata would be too dangerous to be left alone. Their intentions where to take the child after birth and keep it hidden away to use as a weapon when needed, or to kill if it proved to powerful to control.
Thanks to Akihito’s mother the couple was able to discover the Spirit World Warrior Society’s plans before the Society could come for Mirai. Not willing to give up their child Mirai and Akihito decided to run in hope they could find a safe place to raise their child together. Unfortunately,  the society was not willing to give up so easily on the child and pursued them in their escape, making them the most wanted in the Spirit World Warrior community.
This scene is them after several months of being on the run. Tired, but still optimistic about their future. sob.

Yeah, headcanon stuff. Woop woop